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We kicked major butt at 1001 Watt festival this weekend!

Here’s a lil video clip, check it out!!

Night work..

At night, by the workstation, pinning down little riffs and things and ideas. The writing process for This Mechanical World is actually quite promising these days, new ideas, new songs, new takes on older songs. Re-writing and ideas popping up all the time. Very good times for Dimension F3H right now!
More will follow soon.. and perhaps some little teasers…

Bjørn at Symbolic Ink adding some color to Morfeus’ leg…

Just wanted to add this one. Bjørn is a fantastically skilled artist, and I would like to show a little bit of appreciation! Check out more of his work and the work of the other excellent people at Symbolic Ink at: Facebook or Symbolic Ink Website

The music is some early Dimension F3H ideas, some samples has been used on Does the Pain Excite You?, but.. recycling is always good, right?

See you soon for more fun!!

Mr Moe interviewed!!

Mr Moe interviewed by In Metal We Trust!

Mr Moe has been a heavy hitter in the Norwegian metal scene for awhile now. He’s Currently in Dimension F3H, Trail of Tears, and Cutthroat. And also did some session bass work for the band, Kampfar. Thankfully he was gracious enough to agree to an interview! So sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

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Does the Pain Excite you? reviewed by In Metal We Trust!

Does the Pain Excite you? reviewed!

Does The Pain Excite you? Is an album I’ve known and loved since it was released in 2007. They play a VERY unique mixture of Trash/Industrial and a hint of some other stuff in the mixture as well. This band is pretty hard to classify so I’m not going to attempt to do it myself. But It’s be called “Kickass Bladerunner Thrash” Which is very fitting with the Industrial and Electronic elements used on this album.

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Morfeus interviewed by in metal we trust

Morfeus recently did an interview with

Check it out!

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EchoChamber – Live På Hjørnet – Kristiansand

Arghamon showing off at soundcheck…

Arghamon ftw!!

Reaping the World Winds…

Here it is! Reaping the World Winds, our first video!! Enjoy!